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A Plan…

So, I’ve got this Idea. First a Point of Reference. Immediately after starting up this Blog and getting it all nice and Set Up, I stumbled into my Google “Cloud” (Their word, not mine. ;P) and noticed that I “Technically” had a Blogger Account through them as well…  “/  So now I had two Blogs where I was hoping for one. This of course is “Great” for my “Write More Initiative”, but kinda Confusing on the “What the heck am I going to do with Two Blogs?” side of things.  So I came up with an Idea.

I’ll use “This” Blog for Day to Day, “While Riding home last night I realized a couple things…  I don’t like the taste of Mosquitoes… and I should probably buy a full faced Helmet” kind of Blogs, and the other for my “Creativity”/Gaming related Blogs.  This Separation keeps me from wondering if something is “Suitable to be Blogged about” as if I don’t feel it fits one Blog, I can put it in the other. (And If I don’t think it fits either Blog, I either shouldn’t be writing about it, or I can plop it down in my MySpace Blog. (Which is primarily for Family, and as such they know to expect a certain level of *Ahem* “Interestingness” from me. ;P )

So with that out of the way, I can now focus on the more important things… like finally getting around to changing the Oil in my New Moped… ;P

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