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This is a Test…

Of the “Not so Emergency” FireFox Feed Reader… ;P  My brother is testing out how FF displays new Feed Content, so you get a “Highly Fulfilling” Blog Post as a Result. ;P


2 thoughts on “This is a Test…

  1. the feed reader is the devil…. it doesnt notify, you have to check the blog location to see if there is an update…. RaWr…..

  2. hey this is funny
    when was it set up &do u stil use it? spyder, cool name.
    who ru? am totali jus browsin the net i should head 2 bed.

    am jus a girl who is on vacation in the states. am frm scotland, uk. here for two months, wot the hell. its all about me right now haha am takin a break frm life as i kno it.
    hope this finds u well

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