So I know this looks like Monday…

And if you were to say this it is and doesn’t just look like Monday, well I couldn’t really argue with you… since you’d be right… In Mainland America! Though if I were somewhere else, like say maybe… Anchorage, Alaska or maybe Honolulu, Hawaii… What about them, huh? They’re not in Monday yet. And if they can claim not to be in Monday, then dangit, So can I! That way I don’t have to make up some lame excuse about how it’s not “Technically” the next day until I go to sleep to explain how I missed a day blogging in my so far unbroken run… >.>  So yeah… I’m still on a roll and stuff… 😛

Okay, so I’m editing this to have at least a fake imitation of Blogging content. I don’t want to cheat anymore than I absolutely have to. Let’s see… the next day after posting that blog about Toilet Paper I ended up at a friends house where he’d left the empty roll on the holder and had just set the new one on the counter. I cracked up, and had to explain why walking into his restroom sent me into peals of laughter. Then, to top that off, I was back at his place today and used the other restroom… No toilet paper at all this time. Now that’s funny in and of itself, though it pales in comparison to the kicker… It had been a month since the last time I’d been over (The previous day aside) and he was living in another place the last time. I went into his restroom then and guess what, No Toilet Paper… It was just too funny. I just can’t win at his place. The next time I head over there, I’m going to have to remember to check the rolls for him… cause who knows who does it when I’m not around… >.>

(I promise to write about something non toiletry related next time. 😛 Probably… <.< )


Toilet Paper…

  It comes in rolls, and you replace the empty roll with a nice new one just brimming with Soft Goodness… at least you would… if you’re one of the elite few people in the world that actually does that. See, I’d love to just grump at my roommates for forgetting to replace the roll in the Public Bathroom, but it’s not just them. It seems like replacing the Toilet Paper is one of the most difficult tasks known to humankind, and that lucky there are a few souls gifted with the ability to do so, otherwise Cardboard would just rot off the holders, leaving them barren forevermore.

  I am one of those lucky souls… Gifted with the ability to disengage the old roll… bring about the change and rebirth that comes with the replacing of the rolls. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into other people’s homes, and changed their Rolls for them. I mean, it’d be different if I was the last one to use it. Then the change is natural… but no. I come in, look around, and there it is. All the soft comforting goodness of the roll, left sitting dejectedly on a counter/the back of the toilet/on one those weird bathroom rack things. Setting apart from the place where it would be complete… little by little being bled of what makes it what it is until finally you’ve nothing left but the hollow empty husk… There are times when I walk into a restroom… and the horror of sooo many empty husks, just lying there having never tasted the simple sweetness of the replacing… having never experienced the true unity, and wholeness of being one with the holder… like a battlefield with only the innocent as victims of a careless disregard for the natural order of thing… it’s all I can do to keep my eyes clear as I take care of what needs to be done…


  Wow, it’s harder than I thought it would be to Make myself post daily. I seriously don’t frequently have information that I wish to share/preserve… so why write? I know it’s to assist me in making a Habit and I’ll thank myself in the long run… but for now I’m just kinda meh on the whole thing. Hrmm… I’ve already “Cheated” by putting up a notice of intent in the places that would need such.. so now it’s “Go Time”…

  Let’s see… I finally Kinda fixed an issue we were having at the job. We’ve got these two machines to make designs for us, and one of them has a broken USB port, making Serial (Or Parallel… but we aren’t going that retro. ;P ) the only other option. So we buy this card from our IT guys (Now They’re a good blog for sometime… 😛 ) with two serial ports, and it doesn’t work. So I played around with it a couple days ago, even going so far as to get the Machine’s Tech Support on the phone in case it was something up with it, but to no avail. Well tonight, I go in and Re-Install it (Physically as well as Software) and after some playing around with it, I got one of the ports to work. ^.^ I was quite pleased with my accomplishment… though now I have to figure out why the other one’s still giving me issues. Heh, no matter. We can now use both Machines from the same computer, and That was the whole point anywho. (There’ are actually a few other Oddities I need to look into, but Meh… that’s the way of Computers. For every one thing you fix, you’ve got three conflicts to fix as a result. ;P )

  Booyah… there’s a quite respectable blog post… at random… and without impulse. Maybe not the most interesting thing I’ve ever written… but I did it. ^.^ Now I’ve got two reasons to be pleased tonight. ;P (If I can keep this up long enough, I’ll eventually have to start writing After and not Before I get to sleep. >.> ) Not that I want to keep a daily journal (Though That’s an idea… hrm…. ) but I need to find a way to get into the habit of writing. I’d love to do it more, and so if I can force myself to blog needlessly, I can eventually force myself to Really write as well… at least that’s the plan. O.o

  You know… I’m seriously considering a Journal… Diary… thing… Digitally of course.. but it would solve my problem of not wanting to spam up the sites people may at some time actually frequent, and would let there be a place I could write needlessly. Then if anyone was interested in my Day to Day activities, I could direct them there… (Stalkers! 😛 ) and leave these other places open for things that are a the least Interesting… you know, like the High Points… Hrmmm indeed. ;P

PAX Time

Sooo… it’s coming upon that time of year where I kill myself as a volunteer for a Gaming Con. I love every aching moment of it, and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s also a little eye opener ever year, as while it’s approaching I tend to fee a stronger desire to do the things I really want to/should do… I know this is because Gaming is my passion (The Business of it as much as the playing of them) and as it wakes that fire in me I’ve been leaving dormant most of the year (This is a terrible thing… but I’m working on it).

This year like the last I’ve decided to start Blogging daily, (Though I fully intend on blacking out for PAX this time. I’m not crazy… completely… all the time anyway. ;P ) and like I’ve mentioned on my MySpace, having multiple places to do so will assist me in actually sticking to it, as I can dilute the flood of Bleah. 😀 Hehehe. Anywho, just popping in to clean out some cobwebs, so’s it’s not as dingy around here. >.>