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Toilet Paper…

  It comes in rolls, and you replace the empty roll with a nice new one just brimming with Soft Goodness… at least you would… if you’re one of the elite few people in the world that actually does that. See, I’d love to just grump at my roommates for forgetting to replace the roll in the Public Bathroom, but it’s not just them. It seems like replacing the Toilet Paper is one of the most difficult tasks known to humankind, and that lucky there are a few souls gifted with the ability to do so, otherwise Cardboard would just rot off the holders, leaving them barren forevermore.

  I am one of those lucky souls… Gifted with the ability to disengage the old roll… bring about the change and rebirth that comes with the replacing of the rolls. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into other people’s homes, and changed their Rolls for them. I mean, it’d be different if I was the last one to use it. Then the change is natural… but no. I come in, look around, and there it is. All the soft comforting goodness of the roll, left sitting dejectedly on a counter/the back of the toilet/on one those weird bathroom rack things. Setting apart from the place where it would be complete… little by little being bled of what makes it what it is until finally you’ve nothing left but the hollow empty husk… There are times when I walk into a restroom… and the horror of sooo many empty husks, just lying there having never tasted the simple sweetness of the replacing… having never experienced the true unity, and wholeness of being one with the holder… like a battlefield with only the innocent as victims of a careless disregard for the natural order of thing… it’s all I can do to keep my eyes clear as I take care of what needs to be done…

One thought on “Toilet Paper…

  1. lol .. GREAT piece of random!

    i actually slivered a piece of skin off my finger changing toilet paper at work a few months ago – damn sharp steel edges! nobody wants to change the toilet paper at our work – the cardboard rolls are way too think & hard, the holes too small & cumbersome – BIG oh&s issue ..

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