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So I know this looks like Monday…

And if you were to say this it is and doesn’t just look like Monday, well I couldn’t really argue with you… since you’d be right… In Mainland America! Though if I were somewhere else, like say maybe… Anchorage, Alaska or maybe Honolulu, Hawaii… What about them, huh? They’re not in Monday yet. And if they can claim not to be in Monday, then dangit, So can I! That way I don’t have to make up some lame excuse about how it’s not “Technically” the next day until I go to sleep to explain how I missed a day blogging in my so far unbroken run… >.>  So yeah… I’m still on a roll and stuff… 😛

Okay, so I’m editing this to have at least a fake imitation of Blogging content. I don’t want to cheat anymore than I absolutely have to. Let’s see… the next day after posting that blog about Toilet Paper I ended up at a friends house where he’d left the empty roll on the holder and had just set the new one on the counter. I cracked up, and had to explain why walking into his restroom sent me into peals of laughter. Then, to top that off, I was back at his place today and used the other restroom… No toilet paper at all this time. Now that’s funny in and of itself, though it pales in comparison to the kicker… It had been a month since the last time I’d been over (The previous day aside) and he was living in another place the last time. I went into his restroom then and guess what, No Toilet Paper… It was just too funny. I just can’t win at his place. The next time I head over there, I’m going to have to remember to check the rolls for him… cause who knows who does it when I’m not around… >.>

(I promise to write about something non toiletry related next time. 😛 Probably… <.< )

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