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I don’t know what it is about PAX…

  That puts me in a “Blogging” mood, but it seems that whatever forces are at work in the universe push harder on my will to write when the show comes around. I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable psychological reason for it… but I’m currently at a loss.


   It’s funny, I keep telling myself that I’ll get better about writing “When I’ve got some time”, but there never seems to be enough. My new job has me out for 14 Hours a day (And I certainly don’t make the kind of money you’d assume goes with that volume of work) so every spare moment I do get tends to go to the “Important Tasks” around the house (Cleaning, Moving this Month, Time with my Partner, Etc.) that are often neglected for work. So by the time I have some “Real” down time, I just want to relax, and for some reason the drive to write eludes me. So what about PAX changes that?


  This isn’t some monumental post, and I know that a “Part” of my reluctance to write is an insistence in having “Something” to actually write about, which for the most part I don’t. 😕 But I did want to put something up, and perhaps subtly encourage myself to keep on…

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