My Beautiful Lady

   Wheee….. so what’s new in the wonderful world of my life eh? Let’s see… I’ve obviously failed at updating daily for quite some time. That was due in part to having watched a friend and Co-Worker die at my job (Something that I’ve let eat me up enough that I’ll not go into more detail here.), and part to starting up a relationship with someone I used to date. I mentioned (Only a few posts ago here… wow, it’s been forever. ;?) before that I’d received a call from someone I’d not talked to in quite a while, that was her.

  So we went out, had dinner, danced, and quickly fell back into seeing each other again for the same reasons we’d gone out before. I asked her why she looked me back up, and she said that she just remembered being happy with me before.

  Anywho, Fast Forward to now and she and her fourteen year old son (He’s a teenager. I think every parent who’s raised a teenager understands that statement. ;P ) have moved in with me and my roommates (We have a Four Bedroom House, and there are four adults, one teenager, and a baby. It’s not crowded, but it’s certainly never empty. ;P ), and we’ve definitely had some growing pains along the way.

   For one, I’d not say we were “Lazy” (It’s such a mean sounding word. >.>) but we’ve always been Veeerrryyy laid back about getting things done around the house.


   Now, I used to be a neat freak. We’re talking daily vacuuming, frequent dusting, and keeping the entire house nice and clean. This was while I still lived with my Father, and I couldn’t have been happier. But then I moved out, and started living with my friends… let’s just say they weren’t the neatest… Don’t get me wrong, they were awesome people, and I loved living with them. Paid their bills on time, were fun to hang out with, etc. but you’d swear that they were allergic to cleaning. Anywho, I kept up with the house at first. Cleaned up after people, got on to them about cleaning, and so forth.

   Well, I was out of work for a couple of months (I don’t remember it being that long, but I’ve been told it was. Bills were still paid, but I was starting to get behind when I went back to work. ;?) and of course I just took it upon myself to do everything around the house so that at the least I was still contributing. This is where they broke me. It’s bad enough getting on to people about their cleanliness. It worse when you are daily doing nothing but cleaning up after them, and they don’t seem to care. So I stopped caring. Wasn’t easy at first, but you get used to it. (Sad but true.) Hey, I was a lot less stressed at least. 😕


   Yeah, since then I’ve been far more lax on my cleanliness. I don’t leave foodstuff laying around (That’s still something I can’t stand.), and I tend to keep my clutter to my own areas, but I’m certainly not a neat freak, and my new roommates are the same. (A mite worse in that they do leave foodstuff out, partially due to there being a baby, but better in that they don’t have quite as much clutter.) So when she moved in, we agreed to keep things cleaner around the house… and let’s just say that while there have been improvements, things still aren’t as clean as she’d like them (Nor up to the level that was agreed upon during a sit down household meeting), and that’s wearing on her 😦 .

   Also, her son, while a good kid, is listless in life. He doesn’t care about school, life, or anything really. And it’s frustrating because we try to engage him, to find what may catch his interest, but he just doesn’t care (Or he’s acting like he doesn’t). There’s a lot more to him than I’ll go into here, and we’re definitely working on all that, but yeah. ;? (Again, he “is” a teenager, but it’s definitely more than that.)

   These minor “growing pains” aside, I’m really happy that she’s back in my life though. For one, it could be said that I’m not really good at taking care of myself. It could also be said that I’m thoughtless and insensitive. These things are true to varying degrees, and she offsets these traits rather admirably. She’s very Empathetic, and is quick to let me know when I’m behaving in a thoughtless or inconsiderate manner. This is a good thing.

   She’s also gotten on to me about taking care of my teeth. Let’s just say my mouth isn’t in “Great” condition. I went into the Dentist and needed a Root Canal, and will need several (21) Cavities filled. Most of it’s due to not flossing, as I was brushing my teeth, but that apparently wasn’t enough (And I definitely didn’t brush my teeth as often as I should have when I was younger. :?). I wouldn’t have done this without her urging.

   She’s even brought more than just a higher level of cleanliness to the household however. We used to have “Cooking Nights” where certain people were responsible for making or providing a meal for the household. This lasted for a little over a month, and then died. Since she was used to cooking all the time anywho, working out an arrangement where everyone took a night to cook (And she took two) was awesome for her, and it’s gotten us back into a much better eating routine.

   There are countless other ways in which she enriches, and adds to my life, and I’m thankful for every one of them. To be honest, I sometimes wonder why she still cares for me when it seems she does far more for me than I do for her, but I’m glad that she does. I do try on my end to show her that I care, help with her son, and other things… but I just don’t feel it’s enough sometimes. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not the one making that decision though. ;P

   Well, that’s definitely the biggest change in my life as of recently. I’m trying to get myself back onto the Bandwagon, and start with my Blogging again, so maybe we’ll see an update around here… this month… or something. 😛


Melissa and I