Keyboard in the Dishwasher?

Okay, so this is the first test of the Dishwashed Keyboard. ;P I think it’s working. I also happen to like how my hands are forced to work only on the keys they’re meant to be working on. I’m learning already (Something I was already aware of) that my Right Hand likes to go for the B. Hehehe, it’s now on the other side of a Gulf, and Only the Left hand is in position to hit it. ;P I like that. The " sign is still really close to the Enter Key… let’s see if I accidentally hit "Return" while I’m trying for " on this one too. ;? Hopefully not. Well… this is a senseless and goofy post… but it is what I promised for "This" Blog… ^.^ (O.o! I never realized I was hitting the ^ with the wrong hand… ;P My Right hand was just hogging all the keys… o.O! )

Continued Testing:

Whoo Hoo! Tis a Success! Yes, you can Wash you Keyboard in a Dishwasher (In case you bought it, like I did, at say Goodwill, since it was an Ergonomic and you were using a Keyboard that came packaged new with Windows 98…) to get out the Gunkus you don’t even want to know is in there. ^,^


The keys are a little stiff… as I did buy this used, and I’ve never used it before, I cannot be sure if that’s just this keyboard, or if it’s some side effect. I’m going with it’s just the Keyboard. Also, I can’t use it with my Keyboard tray in… since it’s like twice as thick as my old one, and there’s not enough room in there for it, and my hands. Finally, I now have Multimedia Buttons… I don’t know that’s I’ll ever use them (I had them once before on a Wireless Keyboard, and they didn’t really get used. ) but they’re there. (Also, the "Media" key links to a dead file… somewhat’s amiss in my File associations… I’ll fix that later.)