PAX Time

Sooo… it’s coming upon that time of year where I kill myself as a volunteer for a Gaming Con. I love every aching moment of it, and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s also a little eye opener ever year, as while it’s approaching I tend to fee a stronger desire to do the things I really want to/should do… I know this is because Gaming is my passion (The Business of it as much as the playing of them) and as it wakes that fire in me I’ve been leaving dormant most of the year (This is a terrible thing… but I’m working on it).

This year like the last I’ve decided to start Blogging daily, (Though I fully intend on blacking out for PAX this time. I’m not crazy… completely… all the time anyway. ;P ) and like I’ve mentioned on my MySpace, having multiple places to do so will assist me in actually sticking to it, as I can dilute the flood of Bleah. 😀 Hehehe. Anywho, just popping in to clean out some cobwebs, so’s it’s not as dingy around here. >.>