The words… they’re overflowing…

Oh my… this certainly isn’t the way I figured it would go. I’ve been trying to get myself on a writing kick for… How long now?

*Looks back to the “Start” of this blog*

And now, thanks to an impulsive project on dA, I’ve gotten to the point where my desire to write exceeds my output containers… Hooray?! ;P So now, I’ll do the unthinkable, and update this blog… on a whim. There’s no “Grand Topic”, no “Reason to Write”, and while it ‘is’ close to PAXE once more, this time, that’s not the motivator. I just want to sit here in front of my Laptop (Which is in dire need of being replaced. :?) and write some words out where no one will read them. ;P

So… what to write about. *Remembers the “Seed” of inspiration that ‘Actually’ drew me here* Little things…. but before that… what ‘is’ this “Insert Photo” button at the top of this compose window… could it be…

It's a cup

Unused 365 Project Photo… Until now!

D: It is! I can insert photos here! In “Not Tiny, or Poorly Formatted” kind of way… like Tumblr wanted me to do. I cannot believe that while I was lamenting the fact that dA was eating my posts… and I was trying to find a new place to post them… I had this available the ‘Whole Time’! D:

Meh, I got over myself, and dA fixed their bug, so I guess it’s better that I didn’t find it… but still… I will say, this Editing window has come a ‘Long’ way from the last time I saw it. In fact, I am impressed enough that I may not go back to using “Live Writer” (Which is otherwise my favorite blogging application for it’s streamlined setup, “Template” Matching, and general functionality. ;P) We’ll see though.

Soo… “Little Things”, I’m not too sure what I meant by that (It’s taken me forever to actually put all of this together. Thank goodness for “Drafts” ;P)… and now I don’t have time to write about it anywho. Guess that’s a subject for another post. O.O