Post PAX Blackout is Officially Over…

  That’s enough of a post in an of itself, as it’s a warning that my Blogs are about to be spammed by me once more… but I’ll go further. ;P

  I simply adored PAX. This isn’t the Blog where I’ll be detailing that Love, you’d have to look over That Way to find that(When I get around to posting them)… but I will say that I’ve not had as much fun working myself to the Core as I had at PAX. This only reinforced my knowledge that Games are my Passion, and not just an interest with me, further reminding me that I should probably work on moving into at least a mildly relevant field… >.>

  I am a dope. I have an account set up at Buxfer (They are really quite awesome. I’d definitely recommend using them if you’ve been looking for some easy streamlined method for tracking your spending and IOU’s. They were great but mildly broken when I first signed up, but they’ve come a good ways, and now continue to impress me. ^.^ ) to track my Bills/Debt(Specifically with my roomies, which it excels in)/Money, and it even has a feature to remind you when you need to dump your Bank Statement so that it can stay up to date… Well I like an idiot ignored the reminder, and had to insert a weeks worth of Transactions manually… That wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t rely solely on my Cards for everything… Though it did give me a chance to play with their newer bulk entries function, and I must say, it made if faaaar less painful.

  Hey look! A paragraph that doesn’t start with I! ;P Remember, the point of my constant Blog/Babble is to improve my writing, so forgive these follies (And Ream me if you wish, though if you’ve got a problem with my Capitalization’s, get in line, as they are an oddity I wish to retain in my Informal Writings. ;P ) and remember, it can only get better from here… Right? O.o

Finally, this weekend promises to be Interesting if nothing else… I’d already scheduled a day on the town with a friend of the Female Persuasion on Sunday, and then last night I got a call from someone I’d not seen in a little over a year, to meet up and have lunch Saturday… I was really looking forward to having this weekend to recoup and get a few things done around the house… well thus do the best laid plans fall to ruins. ;P

  SIDE NOTE: Jeez… it just keeps getting easier to ramble out a few hundred words… If I keep this up, I should actually be able to do NaNoWriMo for real this year! ^.^ (Hehehehe, trust me, you’ll here plenty more on that later. ;P )