Soo… Here we roll.

Yeah, I know… super creative first post title. I’ll be blunt, not much of a writer. Buuutttt… that’s why I’m trying to motivate myself to write more. I figure if I keep crapping out words, eventually the quality/consistency should improve… right? ;P ( Shhhh… don’t dash my hopes “Quite” yet. Give me a year of delusions first. 😀 ) So here it it, my first “Official” Blog.

I’ve tried the Diary Thing a long time ago ( Love the Site Format, and tools… discovers I wasn’t really a “Diary” kind of person. I feel that if I’m going to write something, I really want it “Out There” [ For Evaluation/Criticism/Growth, etc.] and while there’s the Community feel there[Awesome Community By the By. ;P] it’s definitely a site for a “Diary” [ Shocking given the title eh? ;P ] ), I have a MySpace ( My Ex had me sign up, I was original against it, just for general purposes… ;P But it’s since become an invaluable way for me to make, and keep contact with family and friends [For Example, my brother, who’ve I’ve not seen since I was fiveish, found me through it. So yeah, it’s definitely good for that. ;P ] ), and a FaceBook ( Honestly, not sure why I originally signed up for this… I think someone noticing I had a MySpace decided I needed a FaceBook as well… :/ though it is most definitely not updated as often [ See: Ever ;P ], though with my new “Write More” Initiative, that may change… >.> ) So yeah, I’ve been “Around the Block”, though never really had a “For Real” Blog…

Boom! Here I am. ;P ( For how long though… O.o ! ) Now… to play around with this “Web-Ware” and figure out what I can do with “My” Blog… <.<