Do not adjust your Television Set

  This is just a test. I’m planning on using IFTTT a little more for social spread, and I kind of want to see what a post looks like through different output methods, and what formatting options I can use. This is also the first post from my new tablet, so it’ll be interesting to see what this process is like as well.

  I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say, but I want to see what multiple paragraphs look like in different output modes, and I’ll post once from each blog to test that out. This is my Personal Blog, so my pratter will be slightly uhhh… Personal? Like a conversation about my day, or sharing of events in my life. Right now the most interesting things in my life are work related… And I’m not feeling super chatty about that. I can say I’m exhausted… And only half of that is physical. ;?

  We’ll see. The main reason I have this tablet is because it was on a promotion for free with a data line at T-Mobile while I was adding Tahirih to my plan. I’d been considering a Data Line for a while now, and handing me a Tablet to sign up your one was too good an offer to pass up. In a ‘Hilarious’ twist of fate, my old tablet broke after I ordered this one, so lucky me for running into this deal? ;?


This is a Test…

Of the “Not so Emergency” FireFox Feed Reader… ;P  My brother is testing out how FF displays new Feed Content, so you get a “Highly Fulfilling” Blog Post as a Result. ;P