Driving Thoughts…

Okay, so let’s go into “Real” Blogging territory now. ;P

I knew it “Could” happen, and I almost thought it might, though now it “is” happening. I’ve really enjoyed my Moped since I bought it, but now it’s starting to feel a mite “Slow”… So while I originally had little to no interest in a Motorcycle, I’m now thinking my next “Vehicle” will be one. Sure cars are nice every once and while, but that’s what friends and roommates who think that two wheeled vehicles are impractical (Or who have kids, and thus couldn’t have a Bike if they wanted to) are for.  >.>

On the subject of my Moped, I finally changed the oil. It’s still sitting in the garage while I find the time to take it somewhere (Not really sure where you take oil, but I do know you shouldn’t just dump it. :?) but at least it’s done. Now the thing is acting “Sluggish” though, and it cut off a few times the other day, so I’m going to have to take it in to get looked at. That’s definitely one bummer about owning a moped. The mechanic I’ve trusted with my car in the past doesn’t work on them, and can’t personally recommend anyone that does (He actually bugged me a mite by suggesting I just “Take it to xxxx” where xxxx is the random shop around the corner, displaying a complete lack of regard for the fact that they may or may not be of Any repute at all….) so I’m kinda hoping to “Luck Out” and find one since I’m terrifyingly bad with Automobiles of any kind. ;P

I also haven’t gotten around to buying a helmet with a Face Shield, but since I wake up just in time to get to work, and I don’t get to sleep until 0600, I’m not going to have time to get one unless I “Make” time.. and I’m not the best at that (Too much a creature of routine… :/)  I really should though.  Anywho, that’s all for now.